Written a long time ago! IAMX forever!

As you already know, I traveled to Europe a couple of weeks ago to finally see one of my favorites band in the entire world live: IAMX.

It's funny how things took place. I remember how, in the first place, Tania, Courtney, Kitty, Fran and I started planning the whole adventure 6 months ago as only a 'possibility', a 'slight chance' and now, now I've attended two of the best gigs I have ever experienced in my life.

I was pretty much excited by this opportunity as I use to take my decisions, always based in hunches, I suddenly put myself in the right path... the one that, without even knowing at that particular time, would help me to re-asset my whole vision of what 'passion' really is.

I thought it was a good idea to show my appreciation to the band bringing some gifts with me. I wanted them to know how loved they are in this side of the planet. They do exist for us. We -the American continent- love IAMX and still hope they can play one day here. I ended buying some silly things I thought were quite representative of my country (Mexico), made a few calls and sent some e-mails just to be sure if I was going to be able to, at least, bring such gifts to the venue in Luxembourg with me and got ready for the experience. Even when I received such a good feedback prior my trip, I didn't hold any expectations but to only enjoy the two gigs I planned to attend.

So, after an amazing week in Luxembourg with my best friend and must say, my sister by heart, Tania, we were ready to rock Kulturfabrik on the night of March 18, 2011. It was a special date for me, my father death's anniversary... and I know it sounds weird I mention this but, for the first time in 11 years -I cannot believe how quickly time goes by-, I felt in peace with his death and myself... I felt he wanted to me to break free and to finally enjoy my life without torturing myself about his death, which at the end of the day, wasn't something that my family and I could ever predict or even avoid.

So they we were, Tania and I, pretty early, I think we got there at 11:30 am or 12:00 pm, something like that, and of course no one was already there. So we decided to have a tea at the restaurant and wait inside since the weather was so freaking cold that day. We knew we had to find 'Paul', the person I contacted prior my trip to deliver the gifts to the guys, but it was too early to do so, so we stayed inside and decided to have lunch. I spent an amazing time with Tan I must say, we can be so silly sometimes, just laughing and making fun of everything and well, this time 'the bird' was the victim. I cannot believe we were seating right next to each other and even so, we were texting each other and posting messages on Facebook like crazy ladies. So much fun!

Sadly the restaurant closed its doors at 3:00 pm and we had to leave the place to get seated in the cold. Still no one there. So we seated, taking care of the beloved 'Mexican pinky box' (the box with the gifts for the guys) and started to talk about the old owl... Bowie... Have you ever watched the film "Labyrinth"? If you have, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Suddenly I noticed something 'weird'. There were two vans from Berlin parked in front of the venue, right next to the hall's entrance. I knew they were there already, so we started to look for Paul (funny we thought Paul will be this old and nice guy, he was quite the opposite, now I feel old)... After a few minutes, Paul appeared and he was as nicer as in his last e-mails. It was really nice to meet Paul, we have fun chatting with him and exchanging some points of view about music. Placebo came to the topic too and also Molko 'the animal on extinction' as we ended called him. He confirmed us the band was already there and that he still has to meet Reza to sort out some details... he brought us warm cups of coffee -that we surely needed at that point cause the freaking cold- and wait.

Then two persons came outside the venue to get some smoke. I see this appealing guy wearing a black hoddie, I knew it was Alberto. Well, as I didn't want to bother him I miss the chance to say hi to him. I kept seated in my place, telling Tan 'look, that's Alberto' but nothing else. So right after he went inside the venue again I was torturing myself you know... 'How stupid I was! Why I didn't say hi!'. Useless behaviour, I know.

Suddenly Reza came out from other door asking for my name. I quickly introduced Tan and myself to him and we started to talk about what I was doing so far from Mexico and my passion for IAMX and also the fact that we do want them to come to America to play. I assured him they do have a huge fan base here and he told me they are aware of that, but also explained the implications of touring overseas and how difficult it could be for the band 'right now'. Then he told me 'So you want to give some gifts to the guys right?' and I silly answered 'Yes Reza, should I give them to you?' Ha! Of course silly, that was the reason he was there! Duh!

I was truly embarrassed cos the 'Mexican Pinky Box' and he told me 'Don't worry! It matches the colour for the K+S album!'... Then he told me the guys were already rehearsing for the gig, doing the soundcheck and that was no possible for him introduce me to the guys at that precise moment. I was ok with that, I knew it was almost impossible to meet them and all I wanted is that they were able to receive my silly gifts if possible. So I tell Reza no problem with that, that I was quite thankful of his kind attentions and that I understood they were busy. So then he took the 'Pinky Box', 'It's heave' he exclaimed and said goodbye cos he needed to check on the guys. Right before he entered to the venue he asked Paul to bring some blankets and more coffee for us -I guess he could see we were about to die waiting there-. So nice. I gotta said Reza is one the nicest persons I've ever met.

So right after that, Alberto came out once again, and this time Tan encouraged me to meet him. It took me a few minutes to grab some balls (not the Bowie's ones anyways) and to walk where he was chatting with this guy from the staff. So I finally went there and while I was approaching to him I said a shy 'Hola Alberto' and he immediately told me 'Hola! Tú eres Bárbara verdad? Oh lord, I melted there. Thanks God for Spanish language! So we started to chat, he was really nice. After a few minutes Tan joined the conversation and he started to tell us about the prior night in Netherlands, he was so happy with that performance and then he also told us that he was pretty excited about the performance in Luxembourg and of course the next day in Brussels cos the venue seemed so special. 'You're gonna enjoy this night, you will see' he told me. And then he told me that they already received the gifts from Reza and that he was really thankful (I guess he likes Tequila hah?) He also told me that Chris was already tryin' to play one of the pipes I gave to them. So nice! Then, right before they entered back to the venue, Tan asked him for a picture of the both of us and he kindly agreed. He said goodbye I may be back in a few.

So I was pretty happy, I felt already in Heaven you know? And not because I met the IAMX's guitarist, but because I met a nice man, a humble and nice one, who didn't behave like a complete diva letting me know that the band was thankful -and yes, surprised- I was there, all my way from Mexico. That kind of behaviour is much more than any other thing that a fan could 'expect', you know? As my lovely friends Steph and Anja already said, no so many band do that these days. So I felt truly grateful with life.


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