As some of you are already aware, I'm such a mistery when it comes to try to understand me. Or maybe I am not. Maybe I'm just a bit bipolar and way too emotional. Who knows?

The fact is that the fo me to force myself to live and enjoy my life it's here. I'm not goint to deny that I've had an incredible time the last couple of years. I have. But the truth is that, along with such joy, I've also been suffering in silence as a result of my own darkest demons: lack of self-steem, insecurity, fear of be defeated, distontioned perception of myself.

I'm 31 now and I don't pretend to live my life mediocrely. I refuse to. And I know my recovery isn't gonna be a ride to enjoy, but notwithstanding that, I'm determined -at least today- to get and offer the best of myself. Am I gonna be able to achieve the change I crave for? Dunno. Am I gonna fail? Dunno. And, to be sincere, I prefer not to think about past or future but present time. I cannot change the things I've done or the things I chosed not to do, the decision I've taken, the paths I followed -right or wrong-. I cannot. I also cannot predict the future, I cannot guess who am I gonna be tomorrow and how is gonna be my life if I take "this" or "that" decision. I cannot. So, as harder as it could be, I must learn to live step by step and mainly, I must learn to embrace uncertanty, leaving anxiety behind.

It's gonna be painful, that I already know. But, you know? I'm willing to take this chance, 'cause I feel that if I don't do this now, I'm not gonna be able to do it later.

That's why, I dediced to start an exercise recommended by a person I do admire and respect -even when I don't personally know her-, 'cause the amazing human being she is. The changes she experienced in her life became into some kind of trigger for me. And here I am, willing to start this spiritual exercise on my own.

It's a new year so, why not to start with a new and fresh vision of ourselves, right? I warmly encourage you to do the same. To try something new even when it sound crazy, non-sense or even boring to you. You never know the effect that one little thingy can have on you.

So, this is all about the twelve-week workbook for The Artist's Way (by Julia Cameron). It's a kind of program that will certainly develop something good to each and all of us. The idea is to start this program on January 1st and committed ourselves to finish the entire process.

My Tools

  • Of course, a copy of The Artist's Way workbook, which you can find in PDF format also.
  • A diary. As it has been mentioned on Savatra blog, you will need it.
  • Visit The Artist's Way webpage. It'll help you without any doubt.
  • But the fundamental tool you will need, is to compromise yourself to achieve the goodness that Universe has prepared for you.

Enjoy the ride!



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