Incomplete. Unsatisfied. Always doubting about my "real" purpose in this life. But still in love with those tiny moments that make me value who I really am.

Alone. Wishing for someone to embrace my soul. Or should I say "waiting for me to embrace myself"? Alter-ego. Wanna be someone else. No other person but an improved version of myself. Braver. Reckless.

Sometimes I can actually feel this "charming" personality inside of me screaming for me to let her out. To finally introduce her to this unbearable life.

In my own skin I die a little bit every single day. Wanna be that personality trapped inside. Lack of control beats me even harder taking my every-morning sighs.

Why do I feel I don't belong here anymore? Why do I feel my soul has already left this almost dead body?

Then, life surprises me. And I get hope. Hope for the unknown, even when I'm sure it will remain in such state of trance... Guess I should be thankful... Thankful for something I do not understand? Life is tricky.

Peace. Does peace exist? Or is just a "mood"? A momentary "feeling"?

Who put the mess in my head?
Who took the words from my mouth? 



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