So, as some of you already know, my friend Alexandra and I had the privilege to attend the magnificent MTV event called WORLD STAGE BICENTENARIO past August 26 in Mexico City.

Why do I call same "magnificent"? Simple. Because we have the pleasure... and when I say pleasure I mean *NAUGHTY THOUGHTS*PLEASURE*NAUGHTY THOUGHTS* to see 30 SECONDS TO MARS live! 

We finally met JARED LETO a.k.a. "My Husband #2", the most gorgeous man on Earth (sorry Brian, I still love you, don't worry). 

I mean, the man is incredibly beautiful... His eyes... his deep blue eyes... His skin... His body... OMG!! His perfect body!! You'll never believe he's 39! And his voice... OMFG!! His voice is AMAZINGLY BREATHTAKING!! 

We also had the amazing chance to wee THE SMASHING PUMPKINS live! Great band! Wonderful show!

And finally (but not last), we also see ZOÉ live! I love León, seriously, than man turns me on! What a voice, what a moves!

We definitely had a BLAST! It was one of the best moments I've ever had and yes, the second concert that Alexandra, my beautiful "hermana banana" and I attended together. Many more to come!

So I'm posting the Promo Video for 30 Seconds To Mars performance at MTV World Stage Mexico, to be aired next Friday on MTV at midnight (24:00 Hrs). Don't miss it! It was SPECTACULAR! You must watch it! 

Sincerely yours,


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