Yes, I finally decided. I'm going to Brussels next year no matter what.

It's sudden I know but it feels like the right thing to do. 

My lovely friend and I decided, in one minute, that we must travel to Europe next year for vacations. Then, everything coincided. Next trip for a lovely time outside our countries, meeting our beloved "Cebo Gang": Fran, Peter, Kitty and Martina and IAMX concert. 

And I will also meet again my beautiful Tan and Irene!!!!! Can't wait to hug and kiss them again!!!! 

So it has been.... mmm... not weird but strange, y'know. Strange how happy we are with the decision and how determined we are about this (you're still in, right Court????). We already got IAMX tickets so there's no way back!

We already know we're gonna have a blast there! 

About IAMX, I think is a plus for me since I'm really in love with them since a while now. Love the lyrics and the breathtaking performances. Love Chris Corner in such a naughty way, yes. So, as it seems they aren't coming to America next year, as the well-known quote says "If Mahoma doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mahoma"

Yes, we're the mountain and Chris is Mahoma... Ok, that didn't sound promising at all... I really don't want Chris Corner to be Mahoma or anyone but himself... I really need Chris as naughty as he can (as he is actually)... I'm sure he will be... 

*smiles while imagines Chris naked chest*

And now I'm talking nonsense, thank yo very much!



Auro said…
>_< I hope you have a hell of a ride and really please please enjoy them for me !!!!
I will honey!! I'm gonna bring something for ya! :)

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