The last few months have been a complete roller coaster for me.

I wanted to do something “out of line” in my life so I decided to keep supporting Placebo and travel to Chile and Argentina for a new Placeboholic adventure, but what I never imagined is that this particular adventure were gonna be the best of my life (at least the best that has happened to me this 2010 so far).

As many of you already know, I’ve been working with such a wonderful people from all around South America -people from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru- regarding the creation of a new friendly space for all of us, Placebo’s fans in Latin America, called PLACEBO FANS LATINOAMÉRICA.

This amazing project was born thanks to the marvelous idea of our friends of PLACEBO.CL and PLACEBO BRASIL, who invited us to join the ship.

It hasn’t been easy -I need to clear that up-, it requires a lot of us, and sometimes, the things get difficult to us because our common daily activities, but we felt -and of course still feel- so much passion for our beloved Placebo that we nee to hang on, working very hard, tryin’ to make a difference for them and supporting them no matter what. Tryin’ to contribute a little bit in order for Placebo to get to know the unconditional love we all, Latin American fans, feel for the band.

So, when South America Placebo’s Tour was officially announced in PLACEBOWORLD, I didn’t doubt a bit to get my ass off of Mexico and travel to Chile and Argentina -I wish I were able to do also Brazil, Peru and Columbia- and enjoy the crazy adventure and the lovely madness that I think we all have already seen in the past years about South America people's loyalty to Placebo.

I commenced to plan every single detail of the trip -some of you already know that I’m such a hysteric and detailed person when it comes to travel outside Mexico-, but the things got complicated when Chile’s earthquake happened. I was devastated, not because the possibility that Placebo could cancel their gigs in South America -or at least the one they have confirmed in Chile-, but because my dearest friends living there. I’m a person that becomes really close with the people I feel identified with, so by the time that the earthquake took place, I was already deeply involved with some of this people and not just because of PLACEBO FANS LATINOAMÉRICA, but because the close relationship I had by then -and gladly I still have- with them in a personal basis. Even when the all Placebo dream was in rick, I didn’t think, even for a second, to cancel my trip and going there to help my friends somehow. Thanks God, everything went fine and my friends were harmless.

So, we stayed stuck to the original idea and continue planning now, not only my trip, but also the trip that one of my dearest friends -from Ecuador- decided to make in order to attend Placebo’s gig in Columbia.

I must said that I have such a wonderful friends in South America, the best. By the time the date of my departure was closer, I got completely nuts about traveling alone and so, but my lovely friends -every and each of them- kept encouraging me to calm down, to breathe deeply and to take the damn plane to Chile. So, a few days later, I saw myself in Mexico City International Airport, waiting for my plane to depart to Chile -and later to Argentina-, in a room full of Argentinean people.

I already felt like I was there.
The adventure has already commenced by then.


Once I arrived to Chile, the fear and the uncertainty that I felt for the last few days totally disappeared. By the time I managed to find the exit door from the airport, there was him, Rodrigo, waiting for me in order to -literally- taking care of me during my all stay in Chile.

I have to recognize that I was afraid -I think just like him- about if the good friendship we had developed under “virtually” basis will remain like that. I’m happy to say that the friendship got even better during the time I stay in Santiago, pretty much closer.


So, I felt like home, like if I were with a life time friend. We went straight to the hostel to check in ourselves and then we went to visit some beautiful places of Santiago.

At night, he had a very nice surprise for me. He arranged a meeting with one of my dearest friends, Nata (nicknamed Fe). I was surprised, yes, for the reasons that some of you already know and that aren't necessary to be explained.

It was completely shocking for me, but in a pretty good way. I spend a lovely time with both of them, listening to Placebo’s music (which doesn’t happen here in Mexico, or at least here in the city of Puebla) and one more time, I felt that the adventure could only gettin’ better.


Tuesday’s morning Rodrigo took me to Viña del Mar. I wanted to go there so badly, so we decided to spend the day there and to forget a little bit the madness about Placebo coming to Chile -which was impossible for the reasons I will explain later-.

The day was perfect, not sunny, a little bit cloudy, with an air of nostalgia. We went there by bus and during the all trip Rodrigo explained and talked me about the history of the vineyards that we were able to see on the road. Amazing places and landscapes you can see on that trip, totally recommended.

Once we put our feet in Viña, I felt the air of nostalgia even much bigger, much deeper.

The city by itself is completely breathtaking. In my perception, it’s a place to spend a lovely vacations with friends and family. You can see the amazing buildings, the beautiful vegetation and the marvelous sea. Gosh, I loved the ocean!

We kept walking near to the sea, taking pictures, just letting ourselves to be amazed by the city’s beauty.

At the evening, we decided to come back to Santiago in order to check some Placebo arrival's details. Once we were at the hostel, we called Felipe and Fran to invite them for a little chat. I finally met my lovely Fran, wonderful person, totally charismatic and amazingly friendly. Felipe, who I thought was a little bit more serious, wasn’t like that at all! (Felipe, I must say that you are a complete another individual in person. Not that the one I met virtually was bad, not at all, but I think you’re more extroverted that I initially believed).

We spent a nice time there at the hostel, we shared impressions about not just Placebo but also our personal experiences.

I also received a nice gift from Felipe, who made this amazing t-shirts for PLACEBO.CL fans. I finally had something “placebo-ish” to wear at the concert! It was pink and beautiful! Thank you Felipe one me time!

Suddenly, the groupie experience began. Rodrigo received a call from Nicolás and Guillermo, telling him that they were at the Sheraton Tower Hotel expecting for Placebo to arrive at 4:00 a.m. We doubt to go for a minute but then we decided to join the boys at the hotel.

We took a blanket from the hostel and carried with us just in case, you know? So we took the bus to the hotel and once we got there I finally met Guillermo and Nicolás (I had been spoken with them by Facebook the last few months).

It was a little bit weird for me being there “hunting” the band. I have never done such thing before, I mean, waiting for a band at the hotel -or at any other place in fact-, so I felt, yes, a little bit introverted with the guys about it.

We stayed there until Nicolás finally found out that they aren’t going to arrive at 4:00 a.m. but at 9:00 a.m., so we decided to go back to our places and try, once more, a few hours later.

You should watch Fran and I walking all over Santiago streets with the damn blanket, it was hilarious!

We waited for the damn bus to get back home for hours. None of them wanted to stop and I got pretty nervous about the few people you could see on the streets and of course, worried about being robbed or something. But thankfully, one hour later, a bus picked us up and we were “home” 30 minutes later.

I felt completely frustrated to be honest.


It was early morning when I heard Rodrigo’s cellphone ringing over and over again. Rodrigo was practically death and he didn’t pick up the damn phone at first. He woke up and thought about not answering but thanks God he did it! It was Andrea, his dearest friend, who told him that Placebo was already in Chile and were gonna be reunited with the President of Chile in La Moneda (the Presidential Palace) in about just 20 minutes.

I was still little slept when I saw Rodrigo talking on the phone and making me signs that I needed to immediately get dressed and get out of the hostel. Once he hang up the call he order me -yes, it was like that- I needed to be fast because we had just a few minutes to meet Placebo there. So I dressed myself immediately -as fast as I could- and we took a cap to La Moneda’s esplanade.

Nothing yet. We commenced to interrogate the guards in there about if the President had some special visit planned for that morning. They sent us to ask to the main office, so we went. There was the opportunity for Rodrigo to come inside La Moneda and to be present at the meeting, but he didn't want to leave by myself -since they didn't let me in- and decided to leave that chance go away.

We return to the esplanade and then we saw Nicolás and Guillermo and other girls there. Suddenly they were there, Placebo was just arriving to place! I couldn’t believe that I was seeing Mr. Molko and Cía. in that circumstances. I’ve never seen a Placebo member -except Stevie and Bill- in any other place but the stage. I was in complete shocked by then.

Molko looked beautiful. He was smoking while he was walking into the Presidential Palace. Wearing all black -or at least I thought it was black but later I found out it was dark blue-. Stefan looked like an angel. Very classy. And Steve always wearing his particular smile. As I said I was in a complete shock. Then they went inside with Mr. Piñera, the President.

We decided to reach the vans -cars- that brought them to the place and to wait there for them. So during this all time, there was a ceremony at La Moneda where the guards of the Palace change turns. It amazing and beautiful. So, we were there watching the ceremony when suddenly we saw Brian, Stef and Steve in one of the Palace’s balconies also watching the ceremony. We waved our hands to them and they return the gesture. The impressive thing -at least for me- was that Mr. Molko stayed there alone -once Stef and Stevie got into the Palace again- smiling at us and waving his hand saying hi. We were so damn happy by that time that we thought we needed to be extra cool with they guys if we wanted to meet them once they leave the place. So we decided not to yell, not to ask Brian for pictures and just say hi and express our gratitude to them.

By the time Placebo left the Palace, we were already gathered near their vans waiting, right at the corner, and then -and talking about this still makes me shiver- Mr. Molko appeared. He was smiling, very friendly, saying hi and asking us if we wanted something to be signed. Can you believe it! We were extra careful about our behavior with the all band members and they were really nice with us. Stefan and Steve also accepted to sign our belongings and Steve even accepted to take some pictures with us. So nice of him!

So I decided -despite my inner fear- to talk to Brian and the only words that came into my mouth were, -Brian, thank you so much for being here! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s concert! And he kindly answered me (while we was signing my CD), -It’s my pleasure!

I repeat another
-Thank you Brian (for his autograph) and he replied me once again with a nice -You’re very welcome.

So yes, that was my pretty brief conversation with one of the persons I do admire the most in the whole world. It seems I was a Chilean girl by then. But it was awesome, you know? To finally being able to see that he’s real (I mean, I know he is real but, you know what I mean right?).

After that I also said hi to Stef who kindly took my CD and signed it and then I went to Stevie. I don’t know why but I don’t feel intimidated by him so I was pretty chatty with the boy.

I remember myself telling him:
-Hi Steve! How are you? You might not remember me but I’ve been following you since your visit to Mexico. He answered a little bit surprised -Oh, really? And I replied, -Yes, I was in Paris last October and now I’m here and I will also attend you gig in Buenos Aires.

Steve was pretty amazed it seemed, so he answered me -Oh babe, that’s awesome! Thanks for your support! See you tomorrow then and have a wonderful time there!

Then I asked if I could have a picture with him and he immediately say yes. This man is awesome, I mean it. His energy and good mood is contagious! Right after that, he accepted to take pictures with my friends and even to sing Nicolás’ arm (he has the famous Placebo’s wings inked on same).

Meanwhile, Rodrigo and Guillermo were outside the one of the vans talking to Brian. Rodrigo thanked him for the gesture the band had about the donation of their profits from the concert and also expressed him that their visit was very meaningful for the Chilean people.

Rodrigo was excited -and still is- about Molko being so kind and answering to him in such a nice way. Guillermo, on the other hand, was taking pictures of Brian in the van.

I really think Brian wasn’t that uncomfortable since you can see him in the photos smiling the all time.

Steve was also so comfortable with us that he didn’t realize that the cars were almost leaving the place, so by the time he got aware of that, in a very funny attitude, he told us that he needed to leave us if not the band will leave him there. He ran to the van and wave his hand to us saying goodbye.

I was super happy because they signed me a very special gift that Rodrigo made me the day before, a special and unique edition for Meds just released in Chile.

We stayed there, amazed by the experience. I couldn’t believe what just happened to us. Neither I nor Rodrigo have met Brian Molko before, so you can imagine our excitement.

The all thing after that was hilarious cause, despite our arrangement about being cool and calmed, we couldn’t help gettin’ really excited when they left the place and yes, I became a little bit “fantard-ish” while I was jumping of happiness all around the place with an enormous smile in my face, screaming
-I finally met him, I finally met Brian Molko!!!!

Another funny thing there was that a very important radio station,
Rock and Pop, interviewed us regarding Placebo’s visit to Chile, and of course about the donation they made of all their profits from the gig in Chile for the city reconstruction after the earthquake.

After the all madness and after tryin’ to reach the band also in the Argentinean Consulate -which was a failure because we had the wrong information-, we decided to come back to our places in order to take a batch and planning our next steps for the night and of course, to plan the all queue thing for the next day.

So, while I was waiting for Rodrigo at the hostel, I decided to make a little gift to the guys (if I have the chance to meet then at the hotel), so I wrote some brief lines for each of them in the back of the pictures I made in Mexico for the concert. I think Rodrigo came to the hostel at 6:00 p.m. more or less and then we went to the center to find a special thing I wanted to give to Brian. Right after getting’ the gift we took the subway to the Sheraton Tower Hotel and we were decided to get into the hotel, no matter what.

-Act naturally please, Rodrigo kept telling me the all trip to the hotel. -You are the one who’s gonna talk, cause since your are foreign, they will not have any problem to let us in. They don’t have to find out we’re Placebo’s fans.

So, a few minutes prior we arrived to the hotel, Fran called Rodrigo to tell him that she met Steve there. She was there with Felipe, and Steve let them in into the lobby in order to give Fran his autograph and take some pictures with him. I need to tell you that my lovely Fran is a HUGE fan of Sunshine and her dream was to be able to meet him and she did it! Indeed! And in a pretty good circumstances!

We arrived to the hotel a few minutes later, and then we were told that the band has just left the place in order to get some drinks. We decided to still go into the hotel and have some drinks and wait for the guys there. So, there we were, Barbie with his tiny flowers bouquet, walking straight to the hotel with my dearest friend Rodrigo, we both well dressed, nothing that revealed that we were there cause of Placebo. So by the time we reached the hotel door, I asked to the guard, with my very funny Mexican accent, - Mr. Would you be so kind to tell us where can we get some nice drinks here at the hotel? And the man was pretty nice answering me -Sure lady, you can enter to the hotel and go to your left, you’ll find our bar. Also you can go outside if you like to the restaurant. Please come in.

So yes, we made it. We came into the hotel with our best smile than we almost seemed a couple celebrating something (and the flowers helped to get that impression). We took a seat at the bar, ordered some nice drinks that Rodrigo recommended me and started to chat. A few minutes later Fran and Felipe entered also into the hotel and took seat with us.

I talked with Fran about her experience with Steve, I saw the artwork I made for her signed by Stevie and I also saw the pictures and the videos that Felipe took of that special moment.

The time passed pretty fast and then we saw one of the drivers that were that day at La Moneda. Then Nicolás and Guillermo called from outside telling us that Stefan and Fiona had arrived to the hotel a few minutes ago and asking if we saw them inside. Damn, we didn’t!

Then, I saw Brandon -one of Placebo's staff crew- right at one of the hotel elevators' door and told to my friends, -Hey! There's Brandon! Should I ask him for the guys? My friends encouraged me to meet Brandon and ask him what to do about the gifts I've bought with me.

So, as I was a little bit drunk, I had the nuts to reach him right outside the elevator and called him by his name, -Brandon... Brandon? He immediately look at me and answered a little bit astonish, -Do I know you? (I guess it was also cause I wasn't dressed like a "common" fan but like very "business-ish").

Then I told him
–Sorry for bothering you and no, I think you don’t. I’m Bárbara and I’m I came from Mexico to see the guys and I was wondering if you could help me to know if they’re still awake. Can you believe my question! Damn I'm stupid!

-No, in fact they’re already sleeping because they have a gig tomorrow’s night. He told me right away.

-Oh! It’s a shame! I never saw them gettin’ into the hotel. Well, could you help me to give them a silly gifts I bring for them, please?
I replied -with puppy eyes-.

-Sure, there’s no problem, but you need to give them to me tomorrow at the concert, not here, because I could forget to give them to the guys. Tomorrow, after the concert, I can take them from you and give them to the guys, OK?

-OK! I will do that then! Thank you so much and once again, sorry if I bothered you. It’s not my intention to get you annoyed. Have a nice night!
I answered a little bit worried because I didn’t knew if I were going to be able to keep the damn flowers alive the all queue and of course, the all concert.

-No problem darling, have a nice night too.
He said and then he got into the elevator.

So I lost any hope about to give my silly gift to Brian in person and the letters to the guys. By that moment, I didn’t want a picture or an autograph; I just wanted to give him the flowers and to tell him how much I admire him as a musician and as a person.

I decided to leave the bouquet at the hotel and to take just one rose to bring with me to the concert. So I spend the next hour talking to the people at the lobby, the guards of the casino downstairs and the guards of the entrance to the rooms of the Sheraton Tower where the guys stayed.

I think I spoke with every single person in that hotel. Kinda funny remember myself carrying the flowers with me and asking for the vocal of Placebo (I didn’t want to call him by his name in order to be a little bit… discreet). So one of the guards at the entrance of the elevators to the rooms where the guys were accommodated left me to stay there a while, seated with Rodrigo, Fran and Felipe, waiting for the guys to appear, in case of.

I dropped the mission 30 minutes later. It was 2:30 a.m. and we needed to rest a little bit before to early go to the venue for the queue. So I decided to leave my dearest flower bouquet to the guy who helped me in order for him to deliver it to Placebo’s staff and for them to give it to Brian. I’m pretty sure he didn’t receive my gift but hey! The intention is what it really counts, right?

So we went back to the hostel to change our clothes, -to be ready for the concert- and then we went to Fran’s house, which was pretty close to the venue. When we arrived there we ate hot dogs (Chilean people called it “completos”) and then we went for one hour of sleep or so.


We went to the venue at 6:00 in the morning. As you may notice, I became pretty hysterical when it comes to a Placebo’s queue. I think I was even more than usual because I was aware of the madness that Placebo uses to arise in Chile. Chilean people love them to death and, as Latin-Americans, they tend to be a little bit more expressive about it.

When we arrived to the place there already were a few people lined up. But we took the first place in one of the queues and took seat for the long day that was expecting for us.

I must tell you that this day, the day of the concert in Chile, had a deeply and emotional meaning for me. I was about to meet one of my dearest and beloved friends, who I adore to death, Gonzalo. I met Gonzalo by Facebook two years ago now, and since the first time we spoke we felt the empathy growing up around us. So I knew Gonzalo had arrived the prior night because he called me to let it me know when I was at Sheraton Hotel with the guys, and I was nervous and pretty damn excited to see him that morning.

As I haven’t a cellphone in Chile, I asked to Rodrigo to keep pending to Gonzalo’s call to his cellphone and it was hilarious because every single time Rod’s cellphone ringed, he answered -Gonzalo? no matter who was at the phone.

Suddenly, Felipe and Rod told us that were going to pick up Gonzalo somewhere so Fran and I stay there chatting with some other girls, between them, one of my lovely friends, Gloria (from Soulmates Chile).

Some minutes… well, almost an hour later, Rodrigo came with Gonzalo and I immediately went to them to hug my dear friend. Once more, I felt blessed with life, because I was able to meet one of the persons that has been with me, supporting me -Placebo or not- for the past few years. It may sound cheesy but trust me, this is what I love the most from all the Placebo’s madness. The possibility it has given to me to meet the persons I love, the ones I feel identified with.

The emotional thing about this is that for so long Gonzalo and I was joking around the idea of attending a Placebo’s gig in Chile, together, since I fell in love with their concert in 2007.

We used to talk about being in the front row singing “Soulmates” since the song has a very special meaning to both of us. So, you can imagine now how grateful I’m with life about having that big chance to share my passion with one of my dearest friends, a dream came true indeed.

The time at the queue passed really slowly. It was a pretty hot day. Almost 30 °C outside and we didn’t have anything, anything at all, to cover us from the sun. So, at one time I got worried about my ability to hang on there, because seriously, this one has been the hardest wait I have made in my entire time attending Placebo’s gigs. But to be honest, despite the sun, the heat and the sweat, during the all time I spend there I had the time of my life. I got to know a lot of Chilean words that trust me, there are a lot of them and they are almost like a new language. Some friends were making some jokes about me (Nicolás I hate you cause the comment about the signed Bible!) and we try to stay calm and cool during the all time we spend outside the venue (about 12 hours as far as I recall).

We also made some street team work there for PLACEBO FANS LATINOAMÉRICA and PLACEBO.CL distributing some flyers, buttons and artwork we printed specially for the people who attended the gig.

Around 6 p.m. the security people came outside to “organize” the lines for the entrance. It was a madness since they didn’t respect the original lines we’ve made when we got to the place. I got so damn nervous that I couldn’t breathe by then. I felt that my heart could leave my chest in any moment. It was beating so damn fast that I almost could listen to it. We all get a little bit more nervous cause the security guards told us that no cameras were gonna be allowed into the venue pursuant the band’s instructions.

So, yes, I wanted to take pictures but I didn’t want the all search thing we were about to be submitted robs time from me to run to the front row, so I decided to hide my camera (since I didn’t want to leave it) into my bra. I kept asking to my friends -There’s no way they’re gonna search there cause they can’t touch me there, right? Obviously, they just laughed about it.

Then I got worried when I saw this photographer blocking our gate. I didn't care what his job was, I just wanted to keep far from the gates in order to not be murdered by the crows that was about to enter to the venue. A few days, I found out that he wasn't just a photographer but also that he was recording the several scenes from the queue, the entrance to the venue and the concert itself.

It was from LEVI'S and I must say I loved the video they prepared.

So there I was, carrying with me a lot of thing in the hands, worried about the downstairs I have to take to the venue. -I could kill myself there. I thought. I have my precious rose (the one I took off Brian’s flowers bouquet the prior night), the artwork with my silly letters to the guys, the ticket for the concert and by then, a friend has just delivered to me a Molko doll I asked for prior to my trip to Chile, so I became hysteric. -I’m not gonna be able to run without killing myself in the middle, I kept complaining. So one of my friends, Edgard, kindly took the “Mini Molko” from me and told me he could give it to me once we have our spot inside secured.

Rodrigo kept telling me, over and over again, -Relax Barbara, relax! I will remember those words my entire life!

I think another 40 or 45 minutes passed since then. I ended chatting with the guard who was taking care of my line and he makes me laugh -which I appreciated- telling me that I was there obviously to see him, since the morning, but that I hadn’t luck. So he also kept me calm about the guards’ check point. -But you aren’t carrying anything but what’s in your hands, why are you so worry about! He told me. -If you knew about my bra... I thought with a smirk on my face.

So the gates were open and the security people was very strict at the beginning (thanks God because that gave me the time to run slowly and still kept my place). I passed the check point without a problem and I got to the second gate. I had to stay there for a few minutes; the guard checked my ticked one more time, opened the gate and let me get inside. I was able to see the damn fucking stairs to the venue and I must say I almost fall there but I remember I was thinking only about gettin’ the front row and this time, right in front of Molko’s place.

So I entered second to the venue and I took my place right there, right in front Brian’s spot. I couldn’t believe it that finally I were gonna be able to see him that close! A few seconds later, Gonzalo, Fran, Guillermo Gloria, Nata, Nico and Edgard were also there in the front rows (Rodrigo and Felipe were inside prior to us since they got a press pass to interview and take pictures of the guys).

We all were so damn happy about it since we spend the last few days devoted to Placebo. I couldn’t believe by then that I just had achieved the dream I had for a pretty long time ago (since I watched the videos of the band’s concert in 2007): attending a Placebo’s gig in Chile.

We wait inside for the show to commence one hour more and it was hilarious because there were some press people who were taking pictures of all the fans. Right before to enter to the venue I bought this wristband that has written PLACEBO with the famous Placebo’s wings. It seems it was pretty enough for one of the press girls that were there since she asked me to take some pictures of same. Hilarious cause as you may know, it wasn’t official merchandise.

There’s one press picture I'm completely in love with where I look tremendously devoted to Placebo, almost to the fantard-ish point of view. I just love it!

The last hour passed pretty fast and then, the opening band came to the stage. Lucybell is a band I’ve heard before. I love the band cause their energetic and deep lyrics, so it was a truly pleasure to see them live. The thing I loved about Lucybell being the opening band was that the Chilean people -at least the those who attended the gig-, had this special empathy with the band. The all show was so energetic. I enjoyed every single moment and became “infected” by this energy. And well, the bass player and the drummer are so damn hot that I enjoy even more their show. Damn, they are hot! (Paris Hilton-ish comment).

After 45 minutes I think, Lucybell said goodbye to us and thanked Placebo for their magnificent gesture about donating the profits they made for that concert to Chile’s reconstruction cause. After that, you know, Placebo’s staff commenced to arrange the instruments, to check them out, and once everything was ready, the lights went off again.

Suddenly, the “Ahh, Ahh” part commenced. We were able to watch the beautiful eclipse they us for their intro. It felt like being medicated to hear that part. I was already under Placebo effect. Then the guys commenced to get on the stage. Stevie, Bill, Fiona, Nick, Stefan and lastly Brian. Oh my God! What an unforgettable experience was to be able to see them live again, after so long. I became addicted to them since I attended my first Placebo’s gig in Mexico City last September 30th, and I have been doing everything that’s possible to see them when I have the chance.

I was in a complete state of ecstasy at that very moment, watching the guys on the stage playing FWIW, watching my friends with such passion that I felt in Heaven, I swear. I just can’t explain the rush of feeling I had at that precise moment. I can’t find enough words for that. I just know that all the energy I felt from my friends, I felt it too. I enjoyed the gigs I attended prior to this one, but trust me, the Chilean one was incredibly special.

I decided not to take pictures because I needed, literally, to enjoy the show to most (and also cause being right in front of Brian I didn’t want Brian to get mad or something and afraid that the all situation that Tan, Irene and I experienced in Paris happened again in Chile). I also was carrying so many things in my hands -Mini Molko, the red rose and the letters- that I felt obligated to leave my camera secured in my pants' pocket.

Damn I took the right choice there! I loved the concert, even when Brian’s voice was a little bit hurt. It seems he was sick and yes, he had a lot of trouble reaching the right tones, but hell, I loved the concert cause the energy we all had, the band and the fans. I screamed the all songs, I was hysterical -in a good sense- and I was having the time of my life there. I remember Nico singing so loud that his energy was contagious. I remember myself burst in tears by the time we heard Soulmates tones. I freaking couldn’t believe that moment. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the experience. I cried the all song while I was tryin’ to singing it. Just looking to my friends there, near to me, makes me so damn happy.

Brian wasn’t that chatty but I love the quotes that he said, the most memorable was -Chicas y chicos, hermanas y hermanos, pendejas y pendejos, mi nombre es Brian y el nombre de mi grupo de rock es Placebo.

The “pendejas y pendejos” part just killed me How dare you Brian Molko! I laughed so much!

I felt every single lyric of the song. I enjoyed not just only watching Brian but also watching Stefan to marvelously play his bass. I remember that there was an instant, during “Special Needs” that he touched his bass so sexually and made this kind of “naughty” face. I almost faint there! I also was amazed about Stevie energy. Gosh, that man has not a break point!

Fiona was incredible as always and she looks tremendously beautiful and classy. Two of my friends there, who follows Fiona though her MySpace, was drooling the all concert and sending kisses to her, and the nice thing here is that, at the end of the concert, she returned the kisses back to them. What a beautiful lady she is!

Nick… I don’t have to explain what Nick arises in me. He has this very particular kind of way to play his guitar. He’s such a sex bomb on stage. I looked at him and immediately though -Damn! I wish I could be that guitar!

I remember also that there was a point when I became a little bit worried about Brian because he was having so much trouble with his voice. I think it was when they played “Speak in Tongues” that Brian almost lost his voice. The I saw him drinking his tea and applying some kind of spray for his throat. But he was OK, the voice returned and he gave us a marvelous show, a show to remember the rest of our lives.

Pictures by Edgard Lynch

I jumped and danced -as far as I could- the all concert. I remember that all the people went pretty mad at the end of the concert jumping and dancing with “Special K”, “Trigger Happy”, “The Bitter End” and “Taste in Men”. What a way to end a concert! I recall Nicolas almost jumping on my shoulders trying to dance to the rhythm of the music. I also recall Gonzalo leaving his camera aside for a while in order to be able to join the dance madness. It was amazing!

The concert reached its end so quickly. I felt I was there for just 30 minutes and not almost 2 hours. By the time the people were leaving the venue, I stayed there in order to get Brandon to receive my gifts just like he indicated me the day before. He was pretty kind with me and took my letters -hope he didn’t laugh so hard with the words I wrote- and hopefully he gave them to the guys. I decided to keep the red rose I was carrying since the day before since it was a little bit harm like to give it to Brian despite it was still alive.

The concert was a complete success. At least under my perception. It doesn’t matter anything else but the time I spent there showing to the band my respect and my eternal love. Some people were complaining about the percentage of the attendance but come on guys! It’s understandable since Chile just passed -and still is passing- for a very hard time after the earthquake.

Brian’s voice wasn’t the best but hell he sang with so much passion that I didn’t care about it at all.

Then we left the venue to go outside and meet our other friends. We were supposed to attend and after party in a local discotheque but I just couldn’t. I have the intention, I came to the hostel, took a bath, changed my clothes, did my makeup but when I tried to get up from the bed, I almost faint there, I was completely beaten from the concert and I really couldn’t walk. I was upset with myself cause I really wanted to go there, since it was the last chance to see the friends I med and to say goodbye. I couldn’t.

I asked Rodrigo to go there for me and reach Gonzalo in order to explain to him what happened and I’m gonna say that, while Rod was out, I was about to get my ass off of the bed and go to the place cause I felt heartbroken about not seeing my dear again. Once more, I couldn’t walk. I remember that an hour late or so, Rod came into the room and told me something about him, something about the debt I’ve still pending with you Gonzalo (are you listening to me dear!) and something about Felipe gettin’ sick. Yes, I was also worried about Felipe’s reaction for not going to the party since he was supposed to play there. Glad to know that he was OK with me.

And to be honest, I can’t remember anything else from that night. I ended seriously injured after the concert and I needed to get some rest since I were gonna leave Chile to go to Argentina the next morning. I lost myself into Mopheus' arms.


I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and went to pack my luggage. I tried to make the less noise possible I could since Rodrigo was deeply sleep in the other bed. Poor guy, but he was about to finally get some rest of me.

So, he woke up at 8:00 a.m. I think and also got ready to leave the hostel and then we went to the street to take the bus to the airport. I was pretty quite the all trip. I remember that Rod asked me if something happened to me because I was that quiet, I said no, but inside I was so brokenhearted about leaving him and the guys, leaving the city, leaving my friends.

We arrived to the airport early so we went for some coffee and then we took seat near to the International Departures gate, hoping to find Placebo there since they were also gonna travel that day to Argentina. No luck on that!

So I can’t remember why but Rodrigo left alone for a few minutes and then I decided to send a text message to Gonzalo and suddenly I received a message from him. For Christ’s sake, it broke my heart! I started to cried, I couldn’t help it anymore! I felt so sad and so nostalgic about everything I experienced there that knowing that I was about to say goodbye to this amazing people that I met broke my soul.

Then, a girl that I saw at the concert (she was making the queue right near to us) approached to me and asked me if I was the Mexican girl that came to Chile to see Placebo. I looked at her and say yes while I was still in tears. She kindly took my shoulder and asked me if something was wrong. So nice of her. I explained to her that I was just a “little bit” sad about leaving Chile and my friends and thanked her for worry about me. After that she wished me a good flight and say goodbye.

Rod finally returned and when he saw my eyes -and practically my all face- like a tomato, he asked me -What’s wrong Bárbara? I kept saying that nothing was wrong for a while but I ended crying again explaining to him my reason to be like María Magdalena waiting for Jesus to resuscitate.

The time for me to enter to the waiting room came and I had to say goodbye to Rod. It was so hard to hug him thinking that I’m not going to be able to see him soon. I started to cry again. God help me! We were supposed to travel together to Argentina to see Placebo there and to meet one of my most beloved friends, Nani; but Rod forgot to renew his ID card so he was unable to get outside the country (I still hate you for that Rodrigo!), so you can imagine how emotional I became with the all situation. I was happy cause I was about to meet Nani, Clari and Medea, as well as my other friends from Argentina, but I couldn’t help to felt helpless about leaving Rod, Gonzalo, Fran and my friends in Chile.

I gave Rod a last hug, a kiss on the cheek and I entered to the check point. That was the last time I saw him.

To say goodbye is always hard.


Pictures from Placebo's South American Tour 2010 @ PLACEBOLA (Official Flickr Site)
Special Coverage for Placebo's South American Tour 2010 @ PLACEBO.CL (por Andrea Herrera)


Nani said…
Barbie entiendo perfectamente cada palabra de todo lo que contas, porque thanks god ... pude conocerte y entenderte como nunca!
Sos una gran persona, lo digo de corazon .. no soy de decir cosas de este tipo ... pero en verdad te extraño horrores!
Me encanta que te lleves esto como un gran recuerdo y motor para que tus locuras no sean opacadas por el miedo ... porque ya ves, A PESAR DE LO QUE PIENSES.. tenes muchisima suerte!

Te quiero montones, mujer!
Te veo pronto :)


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