Martes 17 de Noviembre de 2009

As you may remember, Placebo came back to Mexico last September 30th and gave us a show at El Palacio de los Deportes, that all of us -their devoted fans and also those who wasn't so into their music until that night- will remember FOREVER.

In this regard, it's a pleasure for me to share this fantastic review from Kerrang! Magazine about such amazing gig.

I fell in love with several quotes, but mostly with the following:

"Brian Molko, in a state of, er, Mex-tacy"

"They scream like banshees on the cusp of orgasm"
(talking about Placebo's fans)

"But with ages comes depth"

And the one I loved the most because I've always believed in the statement you're about to read:

"They can, to pick just two examples, be melancholic contemplation (Follow The Cops Back Home) and hook-laden anthems (Special K) AS THEY DELIVER MOODS AND STORIES, NOT JUST SONGS. And is in this that bands make the step from good to GREAT".

You can read the review in HQ here:


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