Placebo @ Palacio de los Deportes (Mexico City, Sept 30th)
Originally written on October 1st, 2009

Gosh, I’m still under Placebo Effect! Is like a dream! I want to remember last night FOREVER, in fact, I want to remember every single memory of the all queue and then and of course of the all concert! I can say I’m the happiest and the luckiest woman on Earth.

So, everything began at 6:30 am approx, when I met my friends in Puebla in order to start our adventurous trip to Mexico City. The trip was calm and nice! I went with Carlos (my boyfriend), Noelia (a friend from the Shoulders Toes and Knees” Club (STAK), Placebo’s Mexican Fan Club) and her boyfriend. Noe and I were so excited, we were listening to Placebo the all trip and imagining how the concert could be… how the very moment when we finally could see the band live could be. The difference between she and me was that she’s attended many Placebo’s gigs before and this one, will be my first (but I swear, not the last one).

I was so scared, I have to be honest, I didn’t knew what to expect about the all queue. I was about to meet the people from the STAK and I didn’t knew how it could end (cause, as you know, I’m the most introverted person on Earth -but I’m still breathing-). So we arrived to the venue at 9:30 am approx and there were a few people making the queue. The people from the STAK as well as the people from the “Days Before You Came” Club (DBYC) were already there since last Sunday, making shifts between the all members that wanted to attend the gig.

The all queue thing was great, we bought a lot of food and water, candies, gum, and also meds, just in case, you know? I made some buttons for my STAK pals and when I started to give them, they were like super happy, so I was too. We all were excited for the concert, the time passed really fast to be honest between nice talking, cards game, etc… Suddenly, like at 12:00 pm we started to hear noise that it seemed to come from the venue! OMG! We heard some Battle For The Sun harmonies and suddenly we heard Brian’s voice: “Dreaaaaaaaam brotheeeeer, my killeeeer, my loveeeerrrr”. We immediately started to scream like crazy, my heart went crazy too and as you can imagine I began to get more and more anxious. I was literally dying there; I needed to see them live in that very moment.

Then, the guards asked us to make a line in order to be able to enter to the terrace of the venue (before, we were queuing at the parking lot area). It was crazy because there were some people that started to fight with us, wanting to taking us out of the line, but, as our Club as well as the DBYC Club had an agreement with the venue’s people, they help us to maintain our places. Then the guards made a second line and they started to set up the first group of people that will gonna be able to enter to the venue. I was there with all my STAK friends!

We waited there from 1:00 pm until 6: pm. Approx. I ate, slept, sang, etc, etc… with all these nice people and I became so close with some of them. I also talked with the ones who were able to attend Tuesday’s night concert in Guadalajara and they showed me some nice videos from Placebo’s performance there. They (my friends from the STAK) were in the first row, in front of Brian! They had a wonderful time! (I have tell you that, because I was unable to attend that gig at the Coca Cola Fest in Guadalajara, cause my job, I asked a friend to send me messages telling everything about their trip and the queue and the performance. She was the one who told me that they got the first row and that their places were VIP ones -seated places in front of Brian- so they didn’t have to fight or run for them. I was literally brokenhearted, because I thought that, that opportunity could be the best one for me to enjoy my first time, so I started to cry A LOT! I feel ashamed today about that, because it wasn’t that serious, but by that time, I really wanted to be there with my friends… Then, my friend called me on the phone and I just commenced to hear: “…a leap of faith I could not take, a promise that I could not make… Cenicero…” and I stared to cry again, so brokenhearted, I stayed there, hearing the all song and then I said bye to my friend. I was cryin’ all night long… Ridiculous? Maybe but I think I’m the only one that can understand why the all cryin’ thing… why the dark feelings about not going to that gig).

Continuing with my story, the venue’s guard commenced to line us up in other for us to enter to the venue. It got crazy, mad, nuts, anxious!!! I was so anxious, so damn nervous that I wanted to cry! I had just one thing in mind during the all minutes that I was waiting for the doors to be opened: “Run Barbs! Run as fast as you can and get the damn first row!”. Then the guards opened the doors, the adrenaline increased like never before in my life! I started to run as fast I as I could and suddenly I was there, in the first row, right in front of Mr. Molko’s place! I was like “No way, I made it!” ... I couldn’t believe my luck! And I was so happy because I got it as well as some of my STAK friends and my boyfriend.

We had to wait another 3 hours there, crushed against the fence! It was hard because there was no water for us in the first row and we were suffocating and starting to faint (in fact there were tons of girls who fainted before the concert even started… so sad). But the security staff was really nice with us, they shared their water with us and we stated to feel alive again.

Then, they told us that Steve was the one who will open the concert and then we saw his guitar there, right at the center of the stage. I was looking right in front me and then I sow a man in a very nice shirt and then I saw this man’s arms, they were all inked so I screamed: It’s Steve!!!!!!!!!! There!!!!! There!!!!! (Yes I behaved like a fucking nuts!).

The 3 hours passed very slowly, and then we were able to see Brian and Steve passing by behind the screens and we became crazy again!! This time I wasn’t able to scream, I was looking for Brian all over the backstage, behind the screens, but I couldn’t find him again.

The funniest thing last night was when we were so frenetic because Placebo’s staff started to check the instruments, the microphones and that stuff, and then we started to acclaim Moby hahahahahahahaha! It was hilarious because you could see Moby blushed and walking all around the stage accepting the applauses and the screams... he also send us a kiss!!!!

Then Steve came out and introduced himself! OMG! I knew he was hot but, seriously, in person, flesh and bones, he has to be the hottest Californian guy on Earth! He’s stunning and so young! He’s super cute and nice!!! I was like *_* He started to sing and some fans (as we were expecting) started to scream (in Spanish): “Steve, take your shirt off!!!!” hahahahaha… Oh yeah ladies, you’re right but come on! Let the boy sings properly!!! -I thought-. I’ve declared myself a Steve’s fan, I swear it! He sings beautifully!!! (I was fainting by then with his only presence).

I saw this other guy from Placebo’s staff (I can’t remember his name), the other bald one -and super handsome one- filming the Steve’s performance as well as the crowd with the famous flip camera (so, if I have the luck to appear in that film, I just have to warn you that I’m gonna look shitty after 12 hours of queue in the sun, but what the hell!!! hehehehe).

The only thing I didn’t like was that some people in the crowd commenced to scream “Placebo, Placebo” and didn’t respect little Stevie… I mean, come on! The guy is a very talented one and also is the drummer of our beloved band! Show some respect for God’s sake!

Anyways, when Steve finished his performance, another 30 minutes passed before Placebo could play. We (the fans) were super excited by then, all crushed against the fence, suffering the pain of the pleasure of seeing our favorite band in the very front row… Then the electronic music began and the screens were plugged.The lights were off and suddenly you could read PLACEBO at the screens. Steve entered first, the crowd got anxious and mad (in a good sense), then Fiona, Bill and Nick (who is hotttttttt God!!!) and then Stefan and finally… Briannnnnnnnnnnnn! I was there, drooling like a baby, staring at him, I wasn’t on Earth anymore, you know? I was enjoyin’ the all experience and there were nothing else but Mr. Brian Molko for me at that very moment.

KITTY LITTER, an explosion of adrenaline!!! So strong, so sexual!!!! I’ve waited for that very moment for so long and then, I was living my dream, experiencing a rush of emotions all over my body!!!! I felt like the song ended too fast to be honest. Then Molko said: “Buenas noches! Mi nombre es Brian y nosotros somos Placebo! The crowd got nuts!!!

Then ASHTRAY HEART! Wow! It was amazing because, even when many of us were not convinced with this song being their second single, we sang the chorus like nuts hahahahaha. I took video, you will be able to hear my so damn and so out of tune voice!

BATTLE FOR THE SUN began and I felt my rips like broken ones, but I didn’t care, I sang like crazy, I still was a no believer of the all things that were happening, you know? I wasn’t aware at that moment… I was shocked.

When the song ended, Molko said: “Brothers and sisters, hermanos y hermanas, are you having a good time? And of course, all of us screamed an undoubtedly: “Yeeeeeeeeees”

FWIT began to sound and I dance (or at least I tried to) and enjoy the beats and the tunes as I’ve never done before! We all sang with so much passion, so strongly, so loudly, that you could hear Molko’s voice like with a constant chorus you know?

SOULMATES NEVER DIE, amazing song, it has this strange power on me, it reminds me so much to my dad, cause as some of you know, he was like my soulmate, my partner in life, but I’m surprised that, even when I remembered my dad during the all song, I didn’t cry, I just enjoyed the song, so intense, so deep, so touching.

SPEAK IN TONGUES, one of my favorites in the album was AMAZING! I enjoy the way Molko sang the song! Very touching, a unique moment that night! The atmosphere became more intimate, more personal… Love it!

Then they were prepared to start the next song and Steve started to play the first notes of JULIEN, when suddenly, Molko stopped him and after laughs and some words that Molko said to Steve, they started to play DEVIL IN THE DETAILS, but again, after a few lines, Molko stopped the performance because Stefan was experiencing some technical problems with his bass. Molko explained us the situation saying that, his Mr. Olsdal, his husband in music, was experienced some technical problems since the beginning of the concert and right after that he asked us to scream: “Go Stef Go!” in order to cheer up Stef. It was hilarious and the all crowd obeyed Molko and commenced to scream “Go Stef Go! Go Stef Go!

Then, Molko told us: “Now that Steve knows what song are we gonna play and now that Stef’s bass and its pedal was fixed, we can start to play this song again”

And DEVIL IN THE DETAILS sounded so intense, so deep, so real! The crowd got mad (in a good way) and enjoy the performance even more!

After that we were able to enjoy THE NEVER ENDING WHY. I remember Molko introducing the song and sayin’ something that I honestly can't remember… I just remember me seeing Molko like praying. The song was amazing! I really love the enthusiasm they put in every single of their songs! I danced and jumped like crazy! I was really enjoying the concert!

FTCBH started and, even when I’m not a fan of this song, I suddenly started to cry because right at that moment, I realized that I was living my whole life's dream! See Placebo live! And I stayed there, watching and hearing the all performance that was so touching, so beautiful… OMG! I cried during the all song and then, my boy whispered to my ear: “Babe, you see, everything is OK, Placebo is here and “he” is right there in front of you, enjoy them, enjoy him…” (I don’t have to say that I cried even more when he told me that).

Then, BREATHE UNDERWATER!!! It was magnificent!! I personally adore that song and Molko and the guys performed it perfectly!!! Love it!!!! Seriously, it was one of their best performances ever!!!

MEDS started to sound with that very particular beginning and the sudden change in the beats and tunes. Amazing song! Amazing performance! The crowd was so excited, I guess cause they knew they were about to play more of their older songs!

SPECIAL NEEDS has and will always have a very special meaning for me… It was an outstanding performance and I became very emotional, very… There aren’t enough words to describe what my heart was experienced during the all song.

COME UNDONE… Wow!!! Now I had the chance to listen this song live, OMG! I have to say is one of the deepest songs I’ve heard from them. Maybe the lyrics aren’t too poetic, but seriously, the music, the arrangements, were just amazing… AMAZING! I felt like flying in other universe, call me nuts, but it was like that.

SPECIAL K, one of the crowd’s favorites! Everyone at the Palacio sang “Para papa pararara” (the chorus… hahahaha it’s hilarious cause I’ve seen this chorus written in so many different ways that I can’t even recognize which one is the good one, the correct one).

I can’t remember if it was in here but, at some point, being Mr. Molko so talkative that night, said some words to us. First I have to explain that, some sections of the Palacio de los Deportes, seated places I mean, are protected by a small fence and look like a cage, so, Mr. Molko, as far as I remember said: “I see that here in Mexico, people is dangerous! There are some in cages here!!!” I like people in cages -with a naughty face- Aw!!! I laughed so hard thinking: “you can put me in a cage and do with me whatever you want Mr. Molko”, but obviously, it was just a thought.

Then, they played HAPPY YOU’RE GONE. Molko introduced the song as we all already know: “This is a song that I wrote -and all of us screamed at the same time with him- "on a boat" and it is about -again the all crowd joined Molko’s speech- "nobody”. Touching as always! Molko’s voice was amazing! I can’t stop to think how fragile he looked that night… how tiny…and even that, he’s this magnificent voice that comes from his chest and kill us all with pleasure and pain. OMG! The perfect song!

SONG TO SAY GOODBYE was the next song to be played. Beautiful! I have to say that it reminds me to Steve Hewitt. I really can’t understand why I found this song so related to the all Steve’s departure. Call me crazy…

The first encore came but it didn’t last too much! The screen started to show INFRARED video and I became crazy…. The sound was superb!!!! I loved the new arrangements for that song! More strong and explosive!!!

I think it was here when Molko said to us that Mexican people is the best audience and that they were so happy to be here”. OMG! You can imagine our reaction to his words! We love Placebo! We adore Placebo and I really think they know that here in Mexico they have a very particular devoted people, and I said “particular” cause the very special way we have to show them our admiration and love!

Then, I knew the next song will be THE BITTER END! Gosh!!! I felt like in meds, like in other world, in my own world… I danced and jumped and shake my head like never before, even being crushed against the fence! I enjoyed this song BIG TIME!

Finally, TEST IN MAN commenced to sound! I was there, watching Molko’s gorgeousness tapping on his guitar! Amazing amazing!!! I danced (or at least I tried to) feeling the song all over my body (as well as the beats and pushes from the crowd that was behind of us). Stef looked STUNNING with that shinny suit and the shinny top, the golden one! Gosh! I love that man! He’s so tall, sooooo tall!!!

I really think they enjoyed playing for us last night! The crowd was amazing! Very warm with them. Molko told us it was Steve’s, Fiona’s and Nick’s first time in Mexico; I can say that I was watching Fiona the all night too (she’s stunning!) and she was smiling a lot! Seriously… a lot!! And when the time to say goodbye came, you were able to see how touched she was, she had these tearful eyes… OMG! My heart shrinks at that time! Seeing her so happy, so touched.

When they leaved the stage I felt like “WTF? So soon?” And then Moby came into action and we started to scream again: “Moby, Moby, Moby!” and then, a friend of mine asked him for one of the setlists that were used on the stage and then he gave it to me!!

Then I stayed with some of my new friend just hanging out and talking about the all experience. We all were still frenetic! But I couldn’t stay too much time cause we needed to return to Puebla to work today. So after a quiet trip, we arrived here like at 1:30 am and being at home, I fell slept like dead people.

Today, I wake up and all my body is in pain. I have so many bruises all over my body but you know? I do not care! There were worth it!!!

So darlings, this was the all story about how I lost my Placebo virginity.



NOTE: I hope you can excuse my terrible redaction, but writing a review in English tryin’ to show you how I feel regarding Placebo Effect is hard.


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