500 Days Of Summer

Look, we don't have to put a label on it.
That's fine. I get it.
But, you know, I just...
I need some consistency.

A great friend recommended me this film and I ended in love with it... Sadly truthful... Hurtfully accurate... "500 Days Of Summer"... Sort of a revelation itself!

There's not such thing as "true" love...

I think you tend to end "in love" with the "good" moments, those that make you glow inside, but when those "good" moments turn into the ones that hurt you the most, they only take away every single spark inside of you... or, to be more accurate, somehow you decide to let you down and let the circumstances take away from you all the things you build inside of yourself...

So, yes, there's not such thing as "true" love... but surely, there are plenty moments, seconds maybe, that may allow you to make some "good" or "bad" choices in life.

The point is that YOU have the ultimate choice... The decision will always lay in your hands, not in the others.

Damn! This film made me realize so many things about what we're used to call "love-relationships"... And, you know, at the end we can't force ANYONE to do ANYTHING they don't want to. We can't force a moment, a second in our memory. We just can't make destiny turns to our favor...

There's not such thing as "true" love... But there are plenty silly things we can share with "alike" people: smiles, laughs, silly love films, hobbies, deep thoughts, good music, sex, kisses, hugs, books, ideas, tears... Plenty!

But ... they're just that... silly things... seconds... maybe minutes... but never an eternity themselves...

Summer: So are you ok?
Tom: I will be, eventually...
Summer: I like your suit...
Tom: Ah, thanks.
Summer: You look sharp
Tom: So do you
Summer: Thanks
Tom: I quit the office
Summer: You did? I didn't know. That's great!
Tom: And you, um... You're married...
Summer: Yeah, it's crazy, huh?
Tom: You should've told me... when we were at the...
Summer: I know...
Tom: You know, at the wedding, when we were dancing...
Summer: Well, he hadn't ask me yet.
Tom: But he was in your life.
Summer: Yeah...
Tom: So why'd you dance with me?
Summer: 'Cause I wanted to!
Tom: You just do what you want, don't you?... You never wanted to be anybody's girlfriend, and now you are somebody's wife.
Summer: Surprised me too.
Tom: I don't think I'll ever understand that... I mean, it doesn't make sense.
Summer: It just happened.
Tom: Right, but that's what I don't understand... What just happened?
Summer: I just... I just woke up one day, and I knew.
Tom: Knew what?
Summer: What I was never sure of with you.


E.S.E said…
aaaah que pedo con la historia increible hermosa y dolorosa al mismo tiempo
un dia despertar y darte cuenta que la persona con la que sales no es LA persona de tu vida, ufff quisiera despertar entonces porque me la paso en mi fantasía

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